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IT Jobs For All?

Understanding the Challenges and Opportunities of Meeting the IT/Tech Workforce Demands of Greater Boston

Friday, September 16, 2016

Partnering with the Boston Private Industry Council, SkillWorks launched the Greater Boston IT/Tech Employer Consortium at the first in a year-long series of forums. This forum focused on workforce challenges, including lack of diversity in the sector across all occupations and lack of exposure between employers and two-year colleges as a talent pipeline.

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Read the Report: Information & Communication Technology: Shared Prosperity in the Digital Age

Join the conversation: #GrtrBosTech

Skills to Succeed: A New Campaign to Increase Massachusetts’ Workforce Outcomes and Resources

SkillWorks, our policy advocacy partners at the Workforce Solutions Group , and others across the workforce community have developed a new policy campaign and set of policy recommendations to address Massachusetts' skills gap and other significant workforce challenges. The Skills to Succeed campaign includes a Four Point Plan for Job and Career Growth in Massachusetts, focusing on a few key areas that, if well-resourced and effectively implemented, could result in the greatest impact on the skills gap by increasing the yield of talent entering and exiting the pipeline to employment.

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